Relating though hierarchy

There are lots of ways to relate to the world. One is by hierarchy. Where your position is relative, above one and below another. When you conflate this with worth then restrictions start coming in. Your work, is it worth more or less because of your pay grade? Well clearly it is because you simply got paid a certain definitive amount for it and someone else got another. 

When you relate using hierarchy there then starts to be a pull to rank, be ranked and achieve a rank on that hierarchy. It’s self perpetuating because as soon as you care about your rank you work to maintain it. You have flattened the world, you can now relate to everyone simply, above or below but it is at a cost.

It’s hard to see the cost while in the hierarchy. It’s putting a value on a colourful butterfly. Is it worth more or less because it is more or less colourful. And absolutely you can put a cost on it, inside a hierarchy. But outside of that it is simply, unique. There is no simple, single dollar value possible. Sure you can still use dollars to trade but ‘worth’ isn’t a one dimensional aspect. In fact the question isn’t about worth any more, it simply ‘is’.