Decision fatigue

I’ve always enjoyed seeing what shops are around. Noticing the odd ones. Maybe because I think that I can recall some obscure piece of information at some stage that will be helpful to me or someone else, ‘save the day’ as it were. This extends into trying every icecream flavour, why only have chocolate or vanilla when tutifruti or raspberry pistachio burnt toffee exists. Maybe you will like it? Or maybe you will be disappointed. Either way, you made a decision. Making decisions takes effort, thought, and consideration. The thing is if you’re coming to the end of your rope, finding out that you don’t like burnt toffee was one more straw on the camel’s back. Less is more, there are so many choices and so little time. I’m lobbying here for less decisions for the things that don’t matter (fixed preferences) and process to help you make those decisions that you need to.