Being an engineer logic has been a tool I’ve used successfully to achieve many outcomes. Working out why something doesn’t work or how to optimise a solution come to mind. The problem is, that this head is not always ‘logical’. Distortions, deletions, and generalisations creep in and change this. Logic is simply masquerading as the truth at this stage. Beyond this, certain things aren’t ‘logical’. As I found out, after your offer is accepted to purchase a home, you are liable to insure the property, not when you complete the purchase. Now this will be logical to someone but not to me with my current understanding. I ass-umed that things operated ‘logically’, when you own it, ie take it home from the shop, it’s at your liability, before, at the shop, while looking at it, not liable. This goes deeper into how we make choices about how we go about our life. Putting off projects, not doing the ‘important’ work you will always find a reason for. What would happen if it went the other way around, let slip all the trivial items?