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Water Me Bird – Soldering Kit

What is it?

This kit is both great to learn about soldering electronics and will also remain useful at the end. The tweeting bird water monitor detects the moisture level in the soil of your plant and tweets when it is too low. Water the plant and bird will go back to sleep. The kit steps though the components on the board (micro controller, buzzer, LED, resistors…), what they are used for and shows you how to solder them.

Why did you make it?

This started because my partner feared killing a play I bought her. My inner engineer took flight ‘fixing’ the problem. After the initial versions, that looked like a stick the University of Wollongong approached me asking if we could adapt it to suit one of their classes. In an effort to educate people of the local indigenous people’s stories the project was adapted from a general bird to a Wagtail. The local story goes that when all is well you see a Wagtail. In this case when it’s singing it alerts you that attention is needed. I now can make this kit available to get more people into electronics!

What makes it special?

It’s uniquely shaped and has a nice sound that is not typical of electronics.


Video Series on kit construction