Being an engineer logic has been a tool I’ve used successfully to achieve many outcomes. Working out why something doesn’t work or how to optimise… Read More »Illogical

Death as a tool

We don’t talk about death much, likely because people think it’s morbid. Death can be more than a touchy subject, it can motivate and separate… Read More »Death as a tool

Paying More

‘Everyone’ loves a great deal. Getting something ‘cheaper’ is a thrill in itself. There are many stories you can tell yourself about it getting a… Read More »Paying More


Is your best self waiting for an OK? OK to shine, to be brilliant. Maybe if you sand the edges, does it make it more… Read More »Approval


Enough Typically we optimise for more. More profits, more exposure, more friends, more likes. More begets more because no matter how much you have, there… Read More »Enough

Infinite Loop

Looking for a home can be infinite. You have your choice of neighbourhood, house style, neighbours, and any other quality you can think of. The… Read More »Infinite Loop

Decision fatigue

I’ve always enjoyed seeing what shops are around. Noticing the odd ones. Maybe because I think that I can recall some obscure piece of information… Read More »Decision fatigue

Us and Them

It’s great to belong, to be part of the tribe. Sports do this, who do you support? Though what happens when the answer isn’t your… Read More »Us and Them